GAPS Nutritional Counselling at Gentle Care Chiro

GAPS stands for Gut Psychology and Physiology Syndrome, stemming from the idea that physical and mental well-being are linked to gut health and what we eat. Before the advent of drugs, people used food to heal. GAPS is the holistic way of healing that we used “in the old days” to restore balance to the gut and body.

What to Expect

At Gentle Care Chiro, we offer a great deal of education and coaching around nutritional healing as part of our holistic approach to gut, brain and musculoskeletal health. Dr Katherine Shields (Chiropractor) will conduct muscle testing to identify potential food intolerances and offer referrals for more in-depth testing along with education about the toxins in your environment, the products you put on your skin, and what you use to do laundry.

It’s an adjustment learning to shop and cook for food in a different way, so Dr Katherine will walk you through the process. She encourages patients to get a few simple books and offers connections to other supports and resources on the journey.

Making Modifications to Meet Your Needs

The way we used to eat was healthier for our bodies and minds, with much more mineral and nutrient-dense nutrition than is common in the present day. Although change can be overwhelming, we work with patients to modify the program to meet their needs, and help you change your diet and lifestyle in ways that are sustainable for you. Often the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. We even sell organic, grass-fed bone broth in the clinic to make incorporating these changes into your daily diet more convenient.

Providing Holistic Care

Dr Katherine’s approach to care is holistic, and she’ll offer diet and lifestyle recommendations when a patient’s situation warrants it. Some patients come to us specifically for GAPS support and we aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. Inflammatory issues can often be caused by something simple like dairy, which can typically be identified with muscle testing. For more complicated cases, we will also refer out for saliva and/or blood testing, or to our supporting naturopaths.

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