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Low-Level Laser Therapy, also known as cold laser, is a type of photobiomodulation that uses light therapy to change the biochemistry of the body. It works by activating the mitochondria of the cells, which are like batteries for your cells. This modern modality helps mitochondria function better and produce more energy, so they can work faster and heal more efficiently. The mitochondria are the building blocks of health and wellness.

Research confirms that lasering has a systemic effect on the body. Although the targeted area reaps the greatest benefit from therapy, the rest of the body benefits as well.

Our Laser

At Gentle Care Chiro, we use the latest TGA-approved laser technology by Erchonia®. Erchonia® is highly regarded and they have achieved the most FDA-approved research papers in relation to low-level laser technology. Our clinic uses the EVRL Laser, which is the latest addition to the Erchonia® collection, and one of the biggest advantages of this laser is the ability to positively affect your neurology and stack treatments.  Research has shown you receive both immediate and long-term benefits. Not only can we treat the area of pain, with chronic conditions we are able to treat the nervous system – pain changes the brain.

What to Expect

Dr Katherine will direct the device over the injured area for a few minutes at a time. People sometimes worry that this modality is painful or may cause burns, but Low-Level Laser Therapy (also called “cold laser therapy”) doesn’t burn the skin. In fact, most patients don’t even know it’s happening. The time required for treatment varies according to age and stage of the injury. You can expect treatment times to be as little as 2 minutes or as much 20 minutes.

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