Styku Body Scans at Gentle Care Chiro

Gentle Care Chiro is proud to offer Styku body scans to our clients. These scans are a great way to track your fitness progress and better understand your body composition.

What is Styku?

Styku is a 3D body scanning technology that makes it easy to track fitness progress and changes in your body composition. Styku takes hundreds of measurements in just 35 seconds and reconstructs your body in 3D with 2mm accuracy. With Styku you can take waist, hip, thigh and other measurements with less than 1% error.

How does it work?

Performing a 3D body scan is easy. All you need to do is stand on the Styku turntable and you’ll be spun slowly around whilst the 3D camera captures your body measurements.

Watch the video here »

Benefits of Styku Body Scans

Styku body scans are a great way to track your health and fitness progress and get a better understanding of your body composition. With Styku, you can:

  • Take hundreds of measurements with 76% more accuracy than professional tailors
  • Rotate, pan and zoom your full body model to evaluate different aspects of your scan
  • Analyse your body profile and check for ratios such as waist-to-hip and waist-to-bust
  • Review measurements over time for changes

Styku Body Scans at Gentle Care Chiro

At Gentle Care Chiro, we offer Styku body scans as a standalone service or as part of our Emerald Laser packages. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals and get the most out of your Styku Body Scan.

If you would like to learn more about Styku body scans or make an appointment, please contact us today.

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